Monday, February 27, 2006

Our Weekend

This weekend was pretty fun for David and me...we hung out with a new couple on Friday and Saturday night. David works with Lindsay at AFN....and her husband Steve is also in the military. They don't have kids either, so that is nice.

Friday we went to the Three Flags Club on Base, it was there karokee night. None of us sang...we just had some drinks and played pool. It was a lot of fun, we stayed out until after 2am...way later then we are use to.

Saturday morning I got up earlly and went Spinning with one of my friends Erica. It had been so long since I had gone, it was nice to get back into it. Then that evening Lindsay and Steve came over for some drinks and we played Catch Phrase....boys against the girls....ofcourse the girls won all 3 games! Then we took a cab to downtown Keflavik to see this band play at Rain (it is a Restuart/Club). The band is all guys from base and they play all cover songs, so it was really fun to go listen to them play. Hopefully soon David's band will be able to open up for then or play between there sets. They have asked them to a few times, but David's band just isn't ready yet.

Sunday was a really relaxing day....slept in until 12. David had his band practise and I did some laundry and watched some TV.

Well, more later....Miss You All!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Baby News!

Congratulations to Brandi, Darin and Big Brother Connor on the newest member of there family...Haiden was born Thursday at 4:16pm and weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces. From what I heard from Sheila, Brandi and baby are both doing great!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Not Much New

Today I don't have much to write about. Things have been pretty much the same here. David has been playing is guitar a lot lately. Him and his band have picked out 4 new songs to learn. Hopefully they will be able to preform before David leaves this spring. They get together on Sundays to practice for a few hours. David has also been looking at buying a new laptop to take with him this spring since our other one died on us. This way he will be able to keep intouch with us a lot better.

Work has been extra slow because of the gross weather we have been one wants to go out when you get blown over just walking to your car.

We saw on TV last night that we will be getting "My Name is Earl," so that was exciting to see, both of us were hoping we would get that show. We usually get the shows a season later or not at all. But here we actually have European cable, in Turkey we only had 5 channels to pick mom would tape shows for us so atleast we could watch some of our favorite shows. Here we get MTV Europe so it is a little different at times, but we will never complain about our free cable. We also get the Discovery channel...David really likes to watch all the bike building shows.

All is well here...miss you all!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Taste of Iceland

I had my first taste of Icelandic food this was Icelandic Pancakes and Icelandic Wipecream. It was someones going away party, so there was a small pot luck set up with a bunch of differents foods, but that was the only Icelandic dish. My boss insisted I try it. There pancakes are very thin, like a crepe and they are stacked on top of eachother when served. I thought it was a cake sitting on the table. Then you just put your wipecream and some fruit on the top pancake, then fold it into a triangle and then take your pancake. They were very good, but I only had one because I had just eaten before I came to work.

It is still raining here and windy ofcourse.

Monday, February 20, 2006

A Day Off

It was good that I had the day off today for President's Day because I woke up at 7am with the worst pains ever. I just wasn't feeling good, I wasn't even sure what was wrong. Everyone has been sick lately. My mom had to stay home from work the other day because she wasn't feeling good either. But by 1:00 I was feeling 100% better, I was even good enough to go tanning. It felt nice to lay in the warm bed actually.

David got up early today too, but to make dinner for us tonight. He put a roast in the crock pot. It is smelling so good already, so I am really excited to eat that tonight.

Well in month from today my brother JohnPaul will be done with High School. I am so excited he will be graduating early. Then he will start to work for my dad full time until he goes to college next fall for construction. Then after John that is it for my parents, no more kids in school. I still can't believe how fast time goes by. I still remember when all three of us kids shared a room in Brooklyn Park. John will still attend his graduation ceremony in June with his class and I will fly home for that, so I am really excited to be able to be there.

Miss you all!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Dear Grandma and Grandpa

We just received the second package yesterday, but I am still unable to write you. For some reason it gets sent back as Failure. But thank-you very much for everything you sent us. I was excited to see all of those stamps. Now I really have to get moving on my scrapbooking and stamping, the days are just not long enough. Also, the paper is always needed. And thank-you for sending the part of the stuff I picked out from the stamping party.

And ofcourse our neighbors will be excited you sent the cookies!

We went site seeing yesterday, it was a lot of fun. We saw a lot of neat places. You can check out the pictures below.

Thanks again for everything!

We love and miss you, Sara and David

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Birthday Wishes!

I just wanted to wish my friend Sheila, whos birthday is today, and my Auntie Becky, whos birthday is tomorrow, a really Happy Birthday!! I hope you both have a great day!

I Miss You Both A Lot!


Site Seeing In Iceland

Today David and I woke up early because we had decided the day before we were going to do some site seeing of Iceland. David had seen these areas before because he had gone with a tour group and done a story on these places. So it was nice he had an idea of where we were going since it is a few hours away. But I was really excited to go because I haven't seen any major sites in Iceland yet.Our first stop was at the car wash so david could wash the jeep...I took some pictures of the houses in town.Cute little towns
These are the mountians, you pretty much can see them from everywhere
And this is what it looks like and dirt
We pulled over to take some pictures and David made sure we were going the right way
There is still some snow on the mountains

We first visted Thingvellir, they made this government struture to reflect the history of Iceland and the Icelandic people.
It is hard to see but this a volcanic fault line which passes across Iceland, a part of the mid - Atlantic Ridge, the junction of the American and Eurasion tectonic plates.

Walking down from the top of the fault line to our next site.
David coming out of the hole he ran into to hide from me
The Icelandic flag
This is the drowning pool. Back in the day when people committed a crime they would put them into a bag and tie a stone to there feet and throw them in.
David taking some pictures
it is only about 7 feet deep
On our way to our second site we pulled over to take some pictures of some horses, they are every.

Next, we stopped at a Geysier Park. They go off about every 5 minutes.

It is just amazing how they go off every 5 minutes
This water was soooo blue and so clear, but with my camera you just can't tell. And the water was so warm, just when I walked by I could feel it on my leg.
Last, we went to one of the largest water falls in Iceland - Gullfoss. It is just so huge and amazing! When you started to walk up it seemed like it was raining from all the mist. This was the front and we walked all the way to the back to take pictures.

They had a path you could take to the back of the water fall, but it was really icey.

There is david being the risk taker, he climed down some rocks to take this picture.
These are some ice crystals on the side of the water fall, they look so beautiful
The water was so powerful
this was the back of the water fall

When we were leaving a rainbow came out. Iceland has the prettiest rainbows ever.

We left at 9am and got back at around 5pm. So we saw a lot in one day. I was really glad to see some of Iceland. There was some walking invovled, but we had such a nice day I can't complain. And I always enjoy spending a day with David.

David also took some pictures and will be adding them to his blog in the next couple days so make sure you take a look.

Friday, February 17, 2006

David's Blog

I just wanted to let you all know that David started a blog too. I am sure his will be a lot more high tech then mine, since he has way more computer skills then I will ever have. I did add a link to his blog on to mine so you can just click over to his. (It is right under the little slide show of pictures). I was so impressed with myself that I actually added a link.

It will be nice that David has a blog, this way he can keep us all updated on how he is doing when he is gone this spring.

Well, all is well here....more later!

Miss and Love everyone!

p.s. Grandma and Grandpa-we got your Valentines Package, but we haven't been able to email you back because of your computer problems. Thank-you very much for everything!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Plant Problems

Does anyone know what kind of plant I have or how I should be taking care of it? Ever since I took this plant into my care it has been wilting away. Does it need lots of water? Lots of light?

I actually found this plant in my hallway and I was watering it ever so often so I just brought into my house one day because I liked it so much. The people who probably lived in my house before us probably had the plant and couldn't take it with them.

Any advice would help...

Other then my plant fading away, the wind was crazy today. I almost got blown over walking to the car. And when david and I were walking into the house a pop can flew past us and right into the car we were walking past, glad it didn't hit us or our car. In North Western Iceland they are getting tons of snow right now, they are told not even to go out. So hopefully we don't get what they are getting.

Congratulations to my cousin Jack for making his first hockey goal the other day!

Well, more later...miss everyone!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Window Gazing

The sun is out today, but ofcourse it doesn't feel warm outside. It is pretty much miserable out most days. Work is slow, I have only had two paying customers and few lookers all day. I have spent most of my day sitting by the window pretending to sun tan because the sun is straight out my window. And in Iceland under most windows you have a heater (so it feels like it is warm out). Instead of having a small vents through out our house you have these big ugly white things that get heated up by water. Iceland will never run out of hot water because of the natural hot springs. The heaters don't work the best, our house never seems to get warm enough. We have all of ours cranked to the fullest. And sometimes they will stop pumping water so David has to go and start hitting the heater with some metal tool to get the water to start flowing again.

One hour left of work!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

It pretty much was a regular day for David and I. David has to work late tonight because they do this show called "Icebreakers" on Tuesday nights. The show basically talks about things going on around base. So he picks me up at 6pm from work and drops me off at the door and heads straight to work. I probably wont see him until 8pm or so.

I did put up a few Valentines decorations this morning so it felt a little more like Valentines. My grandma gave me these little heart and lip punches awhile ago so I used those to decorate the table. David bought me a card and beautiful red roses for valentines, they were on the table when I got home from work.

We got a package from my grandma and grandpa in the mail today, so I am going to go open it now. We love getting stuff from them!

Happy Valentine's Day to you ALL!

We Love and Miss you!


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Rainy and Windy Weekend

This weekend we didn't do to much. The weather was pretty rainy and windy all weekend, so that made for an extra lazy weekend for us. But on Friday we did our usual tradition of going over to our neighbors house, the Slater's (Mike and Misty), to watch Survivor. David actually works with Mike in Broadcasting. They live right across the hall from us, so that is really nice when the weather isn't the best. The Slater's have two boys Aiden almost 3 and Ryan 1. They are the cutest little boys ever. David and Aiden get along so well.

On Saturday I woke up to late to go to my Spinning class, so I was really bummed about that. I really wanted to get back into that after being on vacation. I actually work out off base, and the guy who teaches the class says everything in Icelandic so I just have to look at what everyone else does. I also go on Mondays. I just love going, it is so much.

Once we did get up and got going we went to the NEX (Naval Exchange) so David could buy a small Digital Camera to take to the Iraq with him. He wanted to get a real small one he could fit into his pocket and it would be easy to get to. Then that evening we went over to our friend's house, Kevin and Sarah Kite (David works with Kevin). We ate dinner over there and played Loaded Questions. It was a really fun game. There is a question asked to everyone but the roller. A question could be "If you could bring back one famous person from the dead who would it be?" Then one person would read everyones answer then the roll would try to guess who said what. Basically you are trying to learn more about everyone.

Once we got home I called my parents up at there cabin. It is always nice to talk to them. My dad is all ready planning the band for when David gets back.

Then today I got up sort of early because of the wind and started to print off pictures for my scrapbook I want to start for Iceland. I wanted to start a page today, but that never happened. I also wanted to send out handmade Valentines, but that never happend either. I had forgotten to mention before that my Grandma had a Stampin' Up party for me while I was home at her house and she gave me all the credit for the party, so I was able to get TONS of free stuff for my scrapbooking. So I am excited to get all that stuff.

David and I watched Elizabethtown this afternoon. It was a really good movie. It is the one with Kristan Dunst in it. And other then watching a movie I tried to attempt to make sugar cookie cut outs for Valentines Day. I had bought heart cut outs when I was home, so I was excited to make cookies, but they really didn't turn out the best. They tasted more like flour cookies. I followed the directions to a T, but maybe put down to much flour on the board when rolling them out. David said they tasted good, but I know he is just saying that to make me feel good about my cookies.

Now were going to watch some TV and go to bed!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pictures From Our Trip Home

Our trip started out with a stop in Boston because we couldn't get a straight flight to Minnesota. All we really got to see of Boston is what we saw in the cab ride over and the view from our hotel room. We stayed at the Hyatt in Downtown Boston, our goal was to walk and go get something to eat since it was so nice out, but that never happened because we were so tired once we got in. It actually turned out to be a good idea to eat in the restaurant in the hotel because our meal was the best ever. We both had the samon and it was de-lish! Our hotel room was beautiful too, the bed was so comfortable and the best part was it was a KING!
We tried to take a picture of the view from our room, but it didn't turn out the best.
Here is a picture of everyone who came up to Bennigans after we got picked up from the airport. Both david's parents and mine where and the airport when we got in.
David and his mom Linda and his dad ron
David, His parent's and Mike's girlfriend Suzy
My parent's and me
Linda, Suzy, my dad and david's best friend Mike
david and his dad
david and his parent's
Rachel and me up at Buffalo Wild Wings with her boyfriend JD and our friend Tony (Rachel was in our wedding)
Me and Tony (tony was in our Wedding)
Brandi's son Connor(3) and me at Ruby Tuesday's. Brandi and Connor met me up there for dinner.

Connor LOVES Spider Man
My cat Shadow taking a nap
Ak and me at Tony's house. Tony was having a party. ( AK was an usher at our wedding)
Abby and me
Tony, AK and me all hanging out
Jessica and me at Champs. Jessica, Katie and me met for lunch. Jessica use to work at Aurelios with me.
JohnPaul and his girlfriend Megan. Both my family and david's family met at Bucas for dinner.
Rachel and her boyfriend JD at Big Ten Mike, John, David and me all at Big Ten for Luke's birthday. David and John even sang Karokee for old time sakes.
me and andrea. Andrea and me got together for lunch that afternoon with David and her boyfriend Travis at Old Chicago.

Dyan and her two kids Taemoor and Sophia. Dyan and I use to work at Aurelios together

David, me, Dyan, her husband Kashef, Taemoor and Sophia

David, me and Jack- All the cousins are getting so Big
"The Life Of The Party" Grandpa took a nap half way through the party
JP, mom, dad, KT, me and david - cute family picture
Picture Time

The Stawski Family Sing Along!
David and my dad playing the guitars so everyone could sing along

Everyone was downstairs in a big circle singing - they even passed out sheet music!

We had a great time while we were home. It goes by so fast though. I do wish this next year goes by that quickly. But when I look back on the last 3 years they really did fly by.

I am so glad the weather was so great in Minnesota, I can't believe how many days I didn't have to wear my jacket. The weather here is gross. The weather can't decide if it wants to snow or rain. Today it is raining and it is super winding out today, well it is windy out everyday. When we got back on Tuesday there was snow, but it is all gone now because of the rain. We did come back to some light though, so that is good news. Atleast when I go to work I get to see some light, that helps to keeps spirts high.