Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had a really fun Halloween this year. It was so nice to be able to spend it together as a family. This is Branden's 3rd Halloween already, but David's first time being with Branden on Halloween. The first time David was deployed and the 2nd time he was in school and we flew home for Becky's funeral. Branden was Barney this year. He looked super cute. He loved his costume. We got it about a week and a half before Halloween and he wore it everyday for hours. I thought he might of wanted to be a fireman or a construction worker, but we he really loves Barney lately and once we looked at the Barney costumes online he was hooked.

Halloween morning we had pancakes and then got ready to go to the Anoka Parade. We picked up my parents and parked at Sinclair gas station and walked over the bridge to the parade. Branden loved the parade. We were all freezing, but Branden kept saying he was hot and taking off his hat and gloves. We stayed about an hour at the parade and then Branden was ready to go. After we came home and got ready to go to David's sisters house for a halloween party and trick-or-treating. Branden loves going over there because his cousin Cooper has a lot of differant toys then him. It was so fun taking Branden trick-or-treating because this is the first year he really knows what was going on. He would run from house to house and then say trick-or-treat when we got to the door. He had so much candy and cookies on Halloween he had such a sugar high. Him and his cousin were running around like crazy. I thought he was going to puke from so much sugar, but he slept good that night. But Sunday he had a stomach ache all day and a few runny diapers. And that night he really wasn't feeling good. He would lay down and then wake up saying my tummy hurts. After about an hour and some trying to get him to sleep I ended up just bringing him into our bed.

We got our new bedroom furniture and we are really happy about it. It looks really nice in our bedroom. Its so nice to have a matching bedroom set.

David has been busy at work and gets home late most days, so that sucks. But when he has some free time he works on his snowmobile. He hopes to get it running before it snows.

I stay busy with Branden. On Wednesdays I do clean my Grandpa's house and now I will be working at Aurelios on Wednesday because im already down in that area. It will be nice to have a little break from Branden. But we will see after a month or so how it goes and if its worth my time in the gas I have to spend.