Thursday, June 18, 2009

So Busy

Hello Everyone! Yep, i'm still here! But i've been so busy lately I hardly have any time to jump on the computer and now that my cell phone has internet I always just check my email from there so I really never even get on the computer anymore. I think once we finally get into our house and I am back into a regular schedule I will start writting more. I'm mad i'm not writting as much though because I have a horrible memory and this really is the only way I can remember things that have happened in my life and with Branden. So lets see if I can recall anything from this past week. Well, I know last weekend was pretty busy for us because there was a lot of carnivals going on. Friday night we went to a parade in our town, it pretty much sucked. We only stayed for a little bit because it was so bad. On Saturday, we went to another parade and carnival. That one was so much better. And Branden really enjoyed the petting zoo. He loved the baby goats so much. He was hugging them and giving them kisses. I was in shock at how much he loved all the animals. We were there for about a hour. After that we went to David's sister's house for a BBQ. Joni cooked up a bunch of good food for us.

Last Tuesday and this Tuesday I have been playing Trivia at the old Rapids. It is so much fun. I have been really enjoying my girls night out. All girls are welcome next time we go! I think we are planning to go again this next Tuesday!

Branden is doing really well. He is getting so big. I can tell he has grown so much these past 6 weeks. He talks so much. He is always singing and counting and he really loves animals.

We still close on our house on June 29th. We are so excited. We bought new bedroom furniture the other day. We are really excited to have a KING size bed! We plan on moving in at the beginning on august.

David has been working for my Dad. He really enjoys doing construction. He does work a lot, but I don't think it bothers him because he loves the work.

Sorry still no pictures because our laptop card reader is broken, so we have to buy something to transfer the pictures from the camera to the computer.


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