Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Out Of Our House!

Well, we are out of our house and living in a hotel on base now until we get home. Our hotel room couldn't be any smaller. I can't believe they stuck a family in this room. I think our bathroom is bigger then our room, but I guess we will make due for the nex few days. Branden is actually really liking the hotel room because there is lots to get into and so much to see. But we have to watch him because he knows how to unlock the door and he keeps wanting to walk outside and see whats going on. I thought it was going to be hard putting Branden to sleep lastnight because I thought he would want to stay up with us and since he crib was right next to us he could see we weren't sleeping. But we just layed him down and put our suitcases in front of his crib to help block his view and he went right to bed. But it did help that he was so tired.

The packers did a great job packing everything up yesterday and Monday. They were the best movers we have had. It did take them 2 full days and we thought maybe they would only need 1, but it was probably because they packed everything up so well. We were very impressed. Monday I took Branden and did stuff away from the house so we wouldn't be in the way but yesterday it was raining out all day so we just stayed home. Branden did so good with the movers. We thought he would be sad seeing all his stuff being packed away, but he liked having the movers there. Pretty much he just watched his DVD player and played with a couple of his toys that we brought to the hotel.

Yesterday we said goodbye to our landlords, Karin and Heinz. It was really sad for me. I tried not to cry, but I did. They just have been so nice to us. We will really miss them and there family. We were really lucky to have them as our landlords. Karin gave Branden a toy car yesterday and Branden really likes it, he has been playing with it all morning.

Now today David is doing some last minute things at work and getting our Jeep ready to ship. Also, he is going back to our house to make sure it is all ready for the next person to move in on the 30th.

It still doesn't feel real that we will be home so soon. It just feels like we are on vacation right now. I think it will feel real once we are at the airport or maybe once we get picked up from the airport...who knows. I just can't wait to be home and see everyone!


Blogger Cynthia Callisto said...

How exciting! We can't wait to have you home either! =) Safe travels!

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