Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa Bear...A Little Late...Opps

Grandpa, we hope you had a happy 75th birthday. We love and miss you a lot. Can't wait to see you in less than a month!

Branden had his 2 year old dentist appointment yesterday. I can't believe he has already gone to the dentist twice. The first time I took him, we wasn't very happy about it. So I thought this time he wasn't going to be happy at all. So the week leading up to his dentist appointment I was really talking up the dentist. We were singing songs about the dentist and saying how much we loved the dentist and Branden was saying "yay, dentist." And of course I told him the dentist gives you presents. When we got there he got nervous as soon as we walked in the building because it is the same place as we go for his doctors and he HATES his doctors (ps..we go there on Thursday) but when we walked to a different area he was relieved. We kept telling him how great the dentist was and when it was our turn the dentist let Branden pick out a toothbrush right away, so he liked that. I thought Branden was going to cry because he looked nervous, but he did really good. He opened up his mouth for her. The dentist has the younger kids lay in your lap with there head by your knees so she can look in there mouth, this way you can still hold them and they aren't so scared. She just brushed his teeth and put a little fluriod on. It only took a couple minutes. When she was done she said his teeth looked really good. He still has 2 more molars to come in and also he had some iron staining on his teeth from when he was 1 years-old which has gone away, so I was really happy about. Then the dentist gave him 2 stickers. So I was really happy it went well.


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