Monday, March 30, 2009

Coloring Eggs

I guess I haven't wrote in awhile so I thought I better post something. This weekend went by fast of course, they always do. On Sunday we colored Easter Eggs because next weekend we will be really busy getting ready for Branden's party on Sunday. Branden had a lot of fun coloring the eggs. Even though they were hard boiled only 3 made it because Branden cracked the rest because he would throw them so hard into the dye. His hand was stained green for the day because he was holding his hand in the dye. I think he thought it was pretty cool though. David kept calling it his "Hulk" hand. I'll get some pictures up soon of Branden coloring the eggs.

Earlier this week we had to get rid of one of Branden's favorite toys...his umbrella! I'm not sure why he likes to play with it so much, but he does. It just had gotten to dangerous to play with. I think David fixed it like 5 times. Finally after the wires were coming out the top we thought it was time for it to go. It was like a weapon! Instead of throwing it away when Branden was sleeping I thought he should do it himself. I came up with this big story that the "umbrella fairy" would come and take it away and take good care of it because it wasn't safe anymore. But the fairy would leave him a little present once she took his umbrella. He was a little sad first, but I said say goodbye and he gave his umbrella a kiss and put it in the garbage can and then we walked the garbage can down to the street. And then about an hour later I asked Branden if he wanted to see if the Fairy had came. And so he went and opened the front door and can you believe this...the Fairy came! She left some candy for him. Branden kept saying, "fairy, fairy!" He was so excited!


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what a cute little story to tell Branden. i like it!

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