Monday, March 16, 2009

BBQ and Park

This weekend we had a BBQ at our house. Someone at David's work was looking for a place to rent so David mentioned to them that our house will be up to rent soon so if he wanted to take a look at it he could this weekend. So David thought why not just have him over for a BBQ and invite a couple of our other friends over too. The guy ended up really liking our house and is going to move in right after we move out. So that is really nice. Our landlord is really happy because she has been trying to find someone to rent it. How often does the renter find someone to rent the house before they leave. Our landlord, Karin is so nice so we are happy we found someone who is really nice and trustworthy to move in after us.

Branden had a really good time at the BBQ because our friends have younger children who like to play with him. And now that Branden is older he likes to play tag and sort of understands the rules of other games.

On Sunday we went to the park with Branden. He had so much fun there. We spent a long time there. He really enjoyed the swing. We finally had to take him off of it when he started to fall off because his hands were getting tired from holding on for so long. He swings on the "Big Boy" swing now and is even learing how to pump with his legs.


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