Monday, March 02, 2009

23 Months Old

Branden is now 23 months old! I can harldy believe he will be TWO next month!! The time has just flown by. He is so big now and wants to do everything like a "big boy." He now wont eat in his highchair or use any of his toddler plates, spoons or cups when he eats at the table. He has to use the same things as we do or he wont eat. He eats so well when he eats off of the "adult plates" and he is so proud when does it. We love to see him eating like this. Its hard for me to see him getting so big, but also I love watching him grow and change each day. He also likes to peal his own fruit...if you do it for him he wont eat it, you will have to get him another one. Branden just likes to do things like a Big Boy does.

Here his Branden eating at the table like a Big Boy!

This past weekend we had some really nice weather...almost 60 degrees! My garden already has flowers blooming! It was so nice to be able to bring Branden out side and not have to bundle him all up. He really enjoyed the nice weather. Since it was so nice out we decided to get some much needed yard work done. Branden was a big help in racking up some leaves.
Taking a break from raking to play with his cars

Big helper!

Isn't he just the cutest!


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