Thursday, February 12, 2009


Branden had his first really high temperature yesterday. I hadn't been feeling so good the last couple of days, so I figured it was only time before Branden caught what I had. He woke-up not feeling so good, not wanting to play and didn't want to eat anything. Pretty much he just wanted to be held all day and watch movies. I tried taking his temperature a few times, but he really wasn't having that. When I could get him to hold still for a minute and get it under his arm it read 100.5 and it was still going up. When David got home from work he brought home a new thermometer so we could take his temp in his ear and then it read 102.6! Poor Branden! We weren't too sure what to do because he has never had a fever like this and I think we were both so worried. We decided since we just had given him some tylenol we would give him a cool bath and then see what his temp was and how he was doing. After his bath he was doing much better...100.5. He was so tired so we put him to bed and then woke him up at 10:30 for some more tylenol just so the fever wouldn't come back in the middle of the night. And now today he is doing so much better. This morning he wanted to play his drums and his temp was 98.7...Yea! Yesterday he didn't eat anything, but today he wanted mac-n-cheese for breakfast so thats what he got. It just must of been a 24 hour fever. Were all happy he is feeling better. Its was hard to watch him not feeling good.

Here are some pictures of Branden I forgot to post....
Branden coloring
Sleeping with all his blankies (3 of them) and his other cat Shadow

He likes to walk around the house with his rain boots on and his umbrella


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