Monday, January 12, 2009

Family Fun

On Saturday we had to go shopping for a birthday gift for our neighbor and while we were there Branden had grabbed a small Nerf gun off the shelf and was carrying it around the whole time while we were shopping. We decided to get it for him because it was only $7.00 and he was being so good. But really we should have bought 3 of them because they are SO MUCH FUN! David and I are jealous of Branden because he is always playing with it. Branden loves to shoot us. David and I have fun shooting eachother when we don't expect it. So of course on Sunday we spent all day looking for 2 more Nerf guns. We thought if we drove to this huge toy store they would have a better selection of them, but they didn't have any! So now we are order from the Nerf Store. So in about 2 weeks there is going to be a Nerf war!


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