Thursday, January 08, 2009

4 Months Left

Well we only have 4 months left now! We are hoping it goes by fast, instead of each day dragging by. David is the one who really takes care of everything with the move, so he will be busy with work and all that is involved with the move in the up coming months. He is excited to be done with work, because I really don't think it is a secret he would rather be doing some other type of job. If you already didn't know he will be going to work for my dad when he we move back home and David and my dad are both really looking forward to that.

David and I have been looking a little online for houses. We are thinking of buying in maybe the Anoka/Hennipen/Sherburn County area, but who knows. We are just hoping to get a really good deal on a house. Until we find the right house we will be staying at my parent's house.

Here is a video of Branden helping me vacuum with his Elmo vacuum. He is such a good helper! And I almost forgot, Branden can now drink from a cup like a "Big Boy," he doesn't need the sippy cup part anymore! He is getting so big. He loves to run and then jump on David. Time sure has flown by.

Tuesday was my Mom's Birthday....Happy Birthday Mom! We hope you had a nice day!


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