Friday, December 05, 2008


While my parents were here they gave Branden his Christmas presents early so they could watch him open them. Branden would open one gift and wanted to play with it right away and could care less about all the other presents there was to open. We had to force him to open the next one.

Yesterday at playgroup Santa came to visit the kids. Branden was a little shy at first when he saw him, but when Santa was handing out gifts to each of the kids he went up there with me and said "thank-you" when he got his. Each kid got a little book. He was excited it was about Firetrucks. A new See-Saw

Helping put it together

yea, a guitar

faster grandpa!

What is it?

Mr. Potato Head

next one

Curious Geroge board game

Rocking horse that hooks up to your tv and when you rock or jump it does different things on tv

I've been wanting this



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