Thursday, December 04, 2008

Doctors and Wagon

Branden had a doctors appointment the other day, just for a check-up. Everything looks good. He weighs almost 25lbs and is 34 inchs long. But he hates his doctor. Pretty much the moment he sees her he starts to scream. When she says, "ok, can you take off his clothes" it is all over. He clings to me and is in panic mode. The poor thing. All she does is looks at him. Its not even the same room he gets his shots. And then when we were leaving we walked past her office she said, "bye Branden, have a nice day." And then he goes...."NO!" Like you already ruined my day. But when we go get his shots he lays down with no problem and doesn't even cry until he gets the shot. It's his doctor he doesn't like.

My parents bought a 100 year old wagon while they were here. Branden loved playing it so much, it became one of his favorite toys, so instead of boxing it up right away they kept it out so he could play with it. We will now ship the wagon home with us when we move home in 5 months. Branden giving Grandpa a ride home from the bar...haha

Cute "big" boy


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