Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Our family cat, Shadow, passed away during the night on Saturday. Shadow was 20-22 years old, so he had a great life. This past month was really getting tough on Shadow, he could hardly move anymore. We all figured Shadow was going to pass away on Saturday so we all said our goodbyes and told Shadow how much we loved him. I was so happy to be able to be home for his passing. On Sunday when we all woke up Shadow was still breathing a little, but we thought it would be best to take him in to be put to sleep so he didn't have to suffer anymore. Katie, JohnPaul and I brought him in. But when we got there the Vet said Shadow had already passed away and what looked like breathing was just extra Co2 releasing from his body. We were all so happy Shadow passed at home, we really didn't want to put him to sleep. We all loved Shadow so much and he will be missed! These are the last pictures of Shadow I took on Saturday.


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