Thursday, October 02, 2008

18 Months Old

Well Branden is 18 months old today and boy has his little personality changed this past week. I don't want to say he has turned into a "real boy" but he has. He is one ball of energy! He isn't a baby anymore thats forsure. One second he is here and the next second he is there. It is like we are feeding him pure sugar all day long. Branden loves to pretend to climb the walls like a monkey. It gets so tiring on my arms but he loves to do it. He thinks it is so funny to have his feet on the walls. Thank goodness David has the energy to run around with him outside for a long time because Branden could play out there forever. He loves to kick the soccer ball and he also loves to crawl around in the grass pretending he is a monster. So sillly!

Branden is really into helicopters. So it is a good thing they fly over all the time so he is able to see them a lot. Whenever he sees or hears one he goes running and pointing and says "helicop." About every 5 minutes he is running to the window saying "helicop" thinking he hears one. I think he just doesn't want to miss one.

Branden talks a lot. I think he knows about 25 - 30 words and knows "please" and "more" in sign language and how to say "bye" in German.


Blogger Cynthia Callisto said...

I can't believe how big he has gotten. 18 months, WOW! How fun!

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