Thursday, September 11, 2008


We bought Branden a 4-wheeler this past weekend. We have been wanting to buy him one for awhile but to order one offline was really expensive, the shipping was almost as much as the bike. So when we ran to the store looking to buy something else I saw that they had 3 of these in. David was waiting in the car with Branden, so I ran out and told him and he went in and bought it. I know you are thinking doesn't this boy have enough toys....He does! But we like to spoil him a little because he is just the best little boy ever!!

When Branden and David were putting it together Branden really wanted to ride it, but as soon as he heard the noise it made he was super afraid of it. He wouldn't even walk near it. It took him about 4 days before he would finally sit on it again, but once he did he wouldn't get off. He figured it out right away. He just has to push a button with his thumb and it will go. He rode it until his thumb got tired.

Here is a video of Branden riding his 4-wheeler for the 1st time!


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