Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Branden's Play Groups

I have been taking Branden to a playgroup in our neighborhood every Thursday morning. It lasts 2 hours which almost gets to be too long for some of these kids, by the end of the group most of the kids are crying because they are tired or the hitting has started. Branden does really good though. Always shares with the other kids and doesn't cry if someone takes the toy he is playing with he just goes and finds another one. But he pretty much plays with himself though. The group is OK for me because most of the people there speak German so I don't really get into the conversations much.

Also, on Thursdays we added a Gym Playgroup. It just started a few weeks ago, but we have only been able to make it to 2 classes so far. The first time we went to the group Branden was so nervous. He hung onto my leg the whole time. I just think it was because it was a new building. Most of the kids that are in the gym group are from his playgroup, so he knows a lot of them. In this class we dance and then they set up a bunch of mats for the kids to play on and also a balance beam for them to walk across. The only time he let go of me was when the teacher threw out a bunch of tennis balls for the kids to play with. Branden quickly ran out to the middle of the gym floor grabbed 2 balls and ran back to me.

The second class went a little better. He was still scared, but this time he played on the mats a little and even walked across the beam once. But most of the time he played with the balls that the teacher had set out. He likes to throw them and he is also really good at kicking the balls. I think this Thursdays class will go really good now that he is getting use to everything.

So are Thursdays are really busy!


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