Friday, August 29, 2008

Branden Has A Cold

Branden hasn't been feeling so well the last few days, he has a really bad cold. It started out with a few sneezes in the afternoon and then he woke-up around 10:30pm crying because he didn't feel well and his nose was running really bad. That night I was up with him all night. I probably only got an hour or so of sleep because he kept waking up because he couldn't breathe so I had to keep proping him up in the bed and once he fell back to sleep it would take me forever to fall back to sleep and of course once I did he would wake up again.

Now today he still has a runny nose and still not 100% himself. Gets crabby easily, I think because he is tired because it is hard to get good sleep because of his nose running. He hates getting his nose wiped, like most kids. So he has been getting baths twice a day with bubbles that help with colds. That helps to get his nose cleared out.

I want to wish my Grandma and Grandpa a Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a nice day! Love and miss you both!


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