Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sorry, No Pictures Today

This week has just flown by. I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday. I hope these next 3 months go by this fast. This past weekend we went to a birthday party, it was so fun for Branden because it was at a huge kid zone. Branden could of played there all day. We think we will have Branden's birthday party there before we leave for our friends here. There is so much to do for kids of all ages. Branden really enjoyed this big slide you sat on a rug and went down on, the cars and the ball pits. I took lots of pictures and some video so I will get those up soon!

Branden turned 22 months on the 2nd! I can't believe he is that old already. Time sure has flown by. Lately he asks "What's That?" about thousand times a day, even if he knows what it is. I don't know if he wants to hear what I have to say or if he just wants to hear himself. He also likes to do a lot of things himself. So he wears his boots a lot because he can get them off and on all by himself. He hasn't started to potty train yet. He is still scared of the potty. We ask him if he wants to go sit on the potty and he says "no, no, no!!" And if I try and put him on the potty he crys. He just isn't ready yet. So I'm not going to force him because with this big move coming it will be stressful on him and what I have read they say if you have a big change in your childs life you may want to hold off on the potty training. But we will let Branden tell us when he is ready.


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