Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We bought Branden a kid sized drum set this past weekend. We weren't too sure when we were going to buy him one because they are pricey, but we knew sooner or later we would. So we have been looking online a little here and there. But when we saw one at the store we thought we should grab it. I wanted to save it for maybe Easter or maybe even Valentine's Day, but David couldn't wait to give it to him. He was so excited!

Branden loves the drums. Right now he just plays on David's Rock Band drums and of course all the pots and pans. And whenever he sees any drums on TV he lets us know right away.

We thought it would be fun to surprise him with the drums, so when he took a nap David set up the drums. When I brought Branden downstairs he noticed them right away and screamed "Drums!" and ran right over and started to play them. He can almost play the foot pedal and drum at the same time. He's pretty good!

Yesterday though he got them taken away for a little bit...

Branden has a small table in our living room he likes to dump over on its side and pretend it is a car, but when he did that he dumped over is bowl of Cheerios. I asked him to clean them up before he starts to play and I would help him. I gave him a bowl and I had one. He didn't want to help. He told me he wanted to "play drums." I told him, "you can play the drums once you get done cleaning these up." So I picked up a few and then gave him the bowl and said, "you can just hold the bowl and I will pick them up." He didn't want to do that either. He just dumped them all out again and ran over to his drums and started to play them. So I put the drum sticks on the table and told him that "if you don't pick up these Cheerios I am going to take your drums away." I went over to the Cheerios to see if he was going to help and he started to play the drums with his hands and I gave him another warning about his drums, he still didn't pick them up. So I grabbed the drum set and carried into the hallway. As soon as I picked it up Branden started crying and screaming "Momma, Momma!" I did feel bad and I sorta wanted to laugh because I could remember at how I felt when my parents took my phone my world was ending. I told Branden once you pick up those Cheerios you can have your drums back. And I have never seen him move so fast. He got those Cheerios picked up in like seconds. Then he said "sorry and gave me a kiss." After he helped carry the drums back into the living room. He was pretty happy and has been very helpful ever since. This was the first time he has ever gotten a toy taken away, so it was alittle hard on the both of us.


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