Tuesday, February 10, 2009


On Sunday it was Carnival in Germany. Basically I can best describe it as Halloween in America, but no Trick-or-Treating. Kids dress up in costumes and there are parties and games. It also starts during the day at a wierd time...2:11. There was a party at the local community center in our town so we brought Branden there dressed up as an Elephant. When we got there we weren't too sure what was going on so we just found a place to sit. Kids were running around everywhere and Branden was a little freaked at first and just wanted to watch what was going on. But once the music started to play I brought him out to dance for a little bit. There was tons of confetti on the floor he really like picking up and throwing. But once the music got really loud he told me "ready to go...too loud" so then we left. We were there for an hour. He said he had fun, so that is all that matters. I will post some pictures of him in his costume once I (David) uploads them to the computer.

But for now here are some cute pictures of Branden after he got done drinking some chocolate milk!

Look at that sweet face!!!


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