Friday, February 13, 2009

Still Sick

Well I spoke too soon yesterday about Branden being all better. After Branden woke-up from his nap his temperature had came back and was all the way up to 102 degrees. The rest of the day he just wanted to be held by me and we just read books and watched Hi-5 over and over. Hi-5 is his new favorite show. But he did want to call grandma & grandpa at one point, so we called them and we saw them on the webcam for a little bit. He didn't want to eat anything, but he was drinking a lot so that was good.

He went to bed around 8ish, but he was up by midnight crying because of his fever. I gave him some tylenol hoping it would help with his fever and help him get some sleep. But he was pretty much up all night with a fever. I also had to hold him all night because everytime I tried to put him back in his crib he would start to scream. So I just brought him in the spare bedroom so I could get atleast a little sleep but he still had to sleep on me, not even next to me would work. So I am sure all that body heat didn't help with his fever.

Once morning came we woke-up David to go get some stronger meds for Branden. Someone at David's work had told David about something she gives her kid that works really well on fevers. I wasn't so sure if we should try it at first because I didn't want him to have a reaction to it in the middle of the night. But since the tylenol wasn't working and it is during the day I thought it would be a good time to try it. Once David got back with the meds we gave it to Branden. He wasn't to happy about it because you have to give it to him in the butt. No Fun! But his temp was 102 and with in 10 kidding....his temp was down to 99 and he was up playing and within 30 minutes in was at 98 degrees.

But around 6:00 tonight his fever came back...100 degrees. So we gave him some more medicine. And now he is sleeping, so HOPEFULLY tomorrow he will be all better. We are keeping our fingers crossed.


Blogger Cynthia Callisto said...

Poor baby! :(
What kind of medicine is that? You should probably bring some of that magic stuff back with you from Germany. :)

8:36 PM  

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