Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We'll Be Home Soon

Not too much has changed around here lately. We still don't have a forsure date set when we will fly home, but we do know it will be the first week of May. So that is good news. We probably wont know for awhile. Also, we don't know when they will come and pack-up our stuff or when we will ship our car. We are hoping to keep all of our stuff as long as possible because with Branden it would be hard to live with such few things. Also since we will be staying with my parents until we buy a house they pretty much have everything we need until our stuff arrives. We will ship some of Branden's toys a little early so he has some stuff when we arrive, along with some of my summer clothes because our household stuff could take months to get to us. Once April hits we will start to know more information and David will really start to out-process and then the time should really fly. We are so excited to be coming home. Thats all we really talk about. We always say things like...When we are home we can say, "remember when we lived here or went there" or when Branden gets older he will say, "you never bring me anywhere" and we can say...."you lived in Germany and we brought you to Paris for your Birthday!" Well, thats it for now. See everyone soon! Plan on coming to a Big Welcome Home Party!


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