Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day

We didn't do much on Valentine's Day since Branden had just gotten over his fever the night before. Our friends asked us to go to dinner at a Castle, but we didn't think it was a good idea to take Branden out so soon. So we spent the day at home, it was still a really nice day and weekend. I made strawberry scones and strawberry and banana shakes for breakfast and David made steaks for dinner. And on Sunday Branden and I made special heartshaped pancakes for David. And also Branden helped me make cupcakes, a cake and cookies!! We were really busy in the kitchen. Branden is a really good helper!

Here are the beautiful roses David got me for Valentine's Day, plus 4 boxes of chocolate! I already almost have 2 eaten...don't judge...i love chocolate!

We got Branden 6 small balloons and big Elmo balloon for valentine's day. It had 2 watches tied to the end. He loves David's watch so much we got him his own....he still likes Davids more!

These are the roses Branden got me! Isn't he sweet!!

Branden looking at his balloons!!

So happy!!

We also got Branden a Hi-5 DVD...He was so happy! We have probably watched it 50 times already. I'd say The Wiggles are out! Here is a video of when we gave him the new dvd.


Blogger Cynthia Callisto said...

I love the video! There are so many toys in the living room! =) I have a feeling our house is going to look like that pretty soon.

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