Monday, February 16, 2009

Branden Visits The Hospital

First of all don't worry Branden is ok!!

Yesterday morning when David was giving Branden a bath he noticed that he had a rash on his stomach. Branden was pretty upset yesterday morning that he had to have a bath so we thought maybe he just got so worked up that he gave himself a rash. But after it didn't go away after his nap we started to get worried. When I was changing his diaper I noticed it had spread to his back. The rash wasn't bumpy, it was more like red dots every where. We weren't too sure if we should bring him to the hospital to get looked at or not. We weren't sure what could have caused the rash. He hadn't had anything new. The only thing new in the last week was the medicine for his fever and that was on Friday and on Saturday he had some Valentine's Chocolate. I was worried more about the chocolate because that was more recent. So I had David look at the ingredients. He said there wasn't anything wierd in the chocolates, but they are made on the same machines as nuts and peanuts are. I was worried then that he might be allergic to peanuts because I have been very careful not to give him anything with peanuts in it until he is two. I guess you should wait until your child is 2 to give them peanuts to reduce the risk of peanut allergies. So around 3pm we brought Branden to the ER. It took a little while to be seen, but once we got in it only took about 10 minutes for the doctor to figure out why Branden had this rash that had spread to the top of his head now. He asked if Branden had a fever and for how long. We said about 3-4 days and he said, we like to see this rash, its a really good sign. Its called...blah, blah, blah (something with a R...I can't remember right now) It means the fever is all gone and this is just a sign of it. So we were really relieved. It's just a virus Branden had. You get a fever and then a rash follows. The rash can last up to 2 weeks the doctor said, so we were glad we went it to get it looked at because we would have been so freaked when this rash was still here today. But the rash doesn't bother him at all.


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