Monday, March 09, 2009

This Weekend

This weekend went by fast, but it was fun. On Saturday we were busy all day. We woke up early so we could pick up our house because our landlord, Karin was showing the house to someone because they are hoping to get someone to move in right away after we move out. But we wanted to be gone because it is just easier with Branden and keeping the house clean. So we went and got our groceries. Once we got back we fed Branden and we were off again to our friend's house. We went over to see Blue and Jess's new baby. They had a new little girl named Christan. This is there 3rd child and you could really tell this wasn't there 1st kid. They cooked us dinner and there house was clean. Just everything was normal...not like they just has a new baby. But it was so nice to see them because it had been so long.

Branden was so good over there, but he was pretty shy the first couple of hours. But by the end he was playing. He really didn't like how the other kids were jumping on David and how David was giving them attention. I think it made him really nervous. When David would play with them, Branden would just stand by David and be like, what is going on? Or give these shocked faces. And then that night he didn't sleep well. Me and him had to sleep in the spare bedroom together, so who knows. But it was funny....One time when David was blowing on Branden's tummy and then Blue's daughter jumped on David for him to do that to her. So then Branden ran over to Blue and said "Get my Belly" like i'll show you Dad.

On Sunday we didn't do too much. Mostly we just spent the day playing with Branden. Branden is really getting to be a lot of fun. Branden really likes to play with David now. He is still a momma's boy, but he really likes to play guns, fort and trucks with David. Yesterday Branden had a lot of fun playing soccer outside. He is really good at kicking the ball. And everytime he kicks the ball he says "O Ya!" He is so silly!


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