Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nice Weather

We have been having some really nice weather here lately, so it has been really nice to get outside with Branden. Branden really loves to play outside. Yesterday he walked around the yard for awhile looking at each flower and smelling them. We also made a fort outside with his cars and some lawn chairs. It had a secret hand shake you had to do before you could come inside. Since he didn't want to come inside for lunch I thought what a nice day to eat outside, so we had a picnic in the yard. He thought it was pretty neat to eat on a blanket. While we were playing outside a black cat came in our yard. Branden almost died he was so excited! He started to scream, "Shadow, Shadow!" It looked just like my cat Shadow. Branden started to run after it and the cat would run alittle bit and then Branden would run towards it a little more. Branden just thought it was so funny. The cat stayed in our yard for about 20 minutes. I wanted to get video of Branden and the cat, but my camera was dead and I didn't want to leave Branden outside with this wild cat alone. When the cat left Branden was pretty sad. I had to tell him the cat's mom was calling him home for dinner and a bath. Branden kept saying, "Shadow dinner" He waited for him to come back for awhile.

Something funny Branden said to me this morning I thought I would share it with you all. I said "Do you want Orange Juice to drink?" And he said,"hmmm, or how 'bout chocolate milk?" Just the way he said it was so cute and so serious.

David got his orders this week, so now he can get a lot of out processing done. Hopefully we will get our plane tickets this week!! That will be so nice to have!


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