Thursday, April 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Branden!!

Well, my little Branden-Bear is 2 today! I still wonder where the time has gone. It makes me sad, but a happy sad, how fast he has grown up. I miss him being so little and just being able to cuddle him all day long, but really he is so much fun now and he still wants to cuddle with me. He is just the sweetest little boy ever. When he tells David or me that he Loves Us it could just melt my heart. Branden hardly ever acts out. Of course he does have his moments...he is a toddler! But usually it is because he is tired and he knows it. When he starts to get really crabby he will just go get his blankie and pacifier and say he wants to snuggle.

Yesterday, David and I talked a lot about when Branden was born and how lucky we are to have Branden. It was such a scary and happy day all wrapped together. We were just saying we will never forget any moments of that day just because how close we came to almost loosing Branden. I was just a little sad we don't have really any family pictures together because of Branden being taken to a different hospital and me having to stay there. But David and I both agree we will never forget anything about his birth. So even though we don't have the pictures, we have a healthy and wonderful Branden! We always wonder how long was he really not crying for...Was it a minute or minutes? I thought it felt like an hour. Just thank-God for those amazing Doctors...they are Angels!

Well, this was suppose to be a Happy I will get back to that.

So far this morning for Branden's 2nd Birthday we have already surprised him with a new Cars table and chairs set. We decorated it with balloons and put balloons all over the floor, so when he came down this morning he was really surprised! He loved it! And the table came with an umbrella, so that was a plus! And also a new Hi-5 dvd. Then, when we went to play group they bought him a German police car and gave him bubbles. I brought a cake. It was also our last day at playgroup. They actually sang, Happy Birthday to Branden in English, so that was nice. Branden was all excited. He was clapping. Then when David gets home from work we will give Branden some more presents! Eat dinner. Branden said he wants Corn on the Cob, so thats what we are having. And then CAKE! Branden has been practicing blowing out his birthday candles now i'd say for about 2 months. So this should be fun. On Sunday we are having a small birthday party for him at our house with some of our friends. I hope the weather holds up. It had been so nice lately...65 degrees...perfect!

Happy Birthday Branden! We Love You So Much!!!!


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