Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick Update

We had our first shipment pick-up today. We thought they were coming tomorrow so it was sort of a big confussion when they showed up this morning. We really weren't ready for them and David wasn't home so I had to deal with the movers until he got back. The movers were really nice and understanding, so that was nice. When they got here they said they were here for our 500 lbs and we thought we got 1000 lbs for our express shipment. Not a huge deal, but we really wanted to send a lot of Branden's toys plus someother things. When I told David that when he got back he said, no we get 1000 lbs. So it was this big ordeal trying to figure out how much weight we can ship in our express shipment. To find out after they had already packed and loaded some stuff they actually were suppose to be picking up our wine and beer today, so they had to unpack everything they already packed and will be back tomorrow for that stuff. We had scheduled our wine and beer pick-up for today, but last week the company called and said since they were already coming Friday can they do both pick-ups together we said no problem. So something must of gotten mixed up somewhere. Branden actually was really good while the movers were here and was talking the whole time to the movers. He was telling them he is moving to Grandma's and thats why we are packing things up. But we did have a slight accident right before the movers left. Branden was walking outside to see the movers closing up there truck and he fell down the stairs. Thank-goodness he just rolled down them and didn't fall flat on his face, but he did get a fat lip. So he looks like he got in a fight. He only cried for a minute, but then he wanted to get back outside to see the movers. Now today we are going to clean up Branden's outside toys and really get ready for tomorrows pick-up. Then, this weekend will be our last weekend in this house! Sad, but we are really looking forward to our new life in Minnesota!

Branden is back to sleeping like a little angel! Who knows what was wrong with him those couple of days. Or maybe it was that special call from Grandpa that helped him get back on his sleeping schedule.


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