Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No Sleep For Branden!

These past 4 days have been so much work trying to get Branden to go to bed or take a nap. 5 days ago he was an angel to put to bed, never any problems. I would just tell him it is either naptime or bedtime and he would gather up his blankies and say goodnight to his toys and off we went to bed. I could just lay him in his crib and sing this little song I made up for Branden and that was it, he would go to sleep. But 4 nights ago someone must have switched something on him because now he screams when I put him in there and doesn't want to go to bed at all. It all basically started at midnight 3 nights ago. He went to bed perfect, but woke-up crying. I usually let him cry just a bit to see if he can get himself back to sleep, but since he didn't go back to sleep I went in to check on him. He asked for tylenol...not sure if he needed it or if he knew I would have to get him out of the crib to give it to him. I thought maybe he did need it because we are waiting for his last 2 molars to come in, so maybe he was teething. After I was up with him for over an hour playing with him, I told him it was time to go back to bed. He seemed fine and ready to go to bed, but once I put him in the crib he started crying and telling me he wanted to snuggle. I was tired and really didn't want to listen to him cry so I took him out and we ended up sleeping in the spare bed together. The next day he didn't want to go down for his nap, he didn't even end up taking on that day. So I figured he would be really tired at his bedtime. Nope, he just cried and wanted to get out of his crib. After about 45 minutes of him crying I figured he wasn't going to go to sleep, so I went and got him. When I brought him down stairs he was telling me how we had to let the air out of one of his toys and it was ok. He just kept saying it over and over. Because yesterday we took down his big ball pit that stays in his room. So I think he is worried about his toys and wondering why we are packing things up. I'm not sure though. The next day was just as hard with Branden. He didn't want to take a nap and at bedtime he just cried for me for about an hour. I figured he would just fall asleep, but no. Finally, I thought maybe he is scared of something and just wants to see me to make sure everything is ok. So I just walked into his room and told him it is bedtime and sat in his rocker so he could see me. I did sing a song or 2, but then I was quiet. He did check to see if I was still in the room a couple of times, but never asked to get out. I was happy when he fell asleep. Now today I had trouble getting him to nap. He went down fine, but about 5 minutes after I put him in there he started to cry and ask for me. I waited about 30 minutes before going in because I was hoping he would just fall asleep. Finally I just went in and told him it was naptime and I sat in his rocker. I didn't talk to him but he was talking to me. Asking me to snuggle him or read him a book. I wanted to hold him, but I knew if I got him out then it would just be a bigger struggle next time. I want him to know when I put him in his crib it is bedtime. It took about 40 minutes and then he sat down and started to relax. He sat up for about 20 minutes just looking at me and then finally he just layed down and went to sleep. I have never been so happy. I'm hoping he sleeps for awhile so I can get some things done around here. I also hope tonight goes well with him. David and I keep reminding him that we are packing up all of our stuff and mailing it to Grandma's so hopefully that will help when he sees most of his toys gone on Friday. I hope he isn't loosing sleep over his toys, but this is probably a stressful time for him and plus with turning 2 there is a lot of changes he is going through. I am just praying this is a little phase.


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