Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday David

Yesterday was David's 29th Birthday. We didn't do to much for his birthday or get him too much either. I told him I booked him a trip to MN for his birthday in a couple weeks and I think he was happy with that! Also, yesterday was David's going away party at his work. It was a BBQ. It actually was really nice. Branden had a good time and was really good. Everytime David's Commander said something Branden started repeating him, it was pretty funny. And Branden clapped everytime everyone else clapped. David's Commander said a lot nice things about David and then David said nice things about me and people he worked with. I figured he would just say thanks and sit down, but actually he talked for a minute or 2. After the BBQ we got our room booked for when we move out of our house. We are moving into the hotel the 29th, so we can clean the 30th. I can't believe how soon we will be home. It is so exciting!

Here are a bunch of older pictures from my camera. They are from Branden's birthday up to Easter. We have 2 cameras so we are always finding pictures of Branden we haven't put on the computer.
Branden's 2nd Birthday

opening his presents outside

his own tool box

present from auntie joni, auncle jay and cooper

at his b-day party...waiting for guests to arrive

balloon cupcakes

at the park for easter

Feeding the ducks

Driving the go-carts with daddy

The Easter Bunny ate the lettuce!

Setting the lettuce out for the Easter Bunny

At the easter egg hunt on base.

Trying to hold as many as possible

Waiting for it to start


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