Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pictures From MN ~ Part 3

This is the last set of pictures from my visit. Here is everyone at Famous Daves the night before I left.
This is the tree my mom and dad planted for our baby up at the cabin.
my mom is the artist of the family
my mom and I painted these bottles while we were at the cabin.
the ice house
Tony's little girl Ally

These angels were given as gifts at my babyshower as a reminder to pray for our baby.
My Shadow Monster!

Tweety flew and was hiding behind the cups.
Shadow loves sitting by the fire.
look at this fancy cake i made for my moms birthday
My friend Tony and me
Andrea, Andrea, Tony, Brandi and me eating at Brandi's work
Brandi's son Haiden

Today I got all my appointments booked up until 38 weeks. Hopefully, I wont have to schedule many more and everything keeps going smooth. In March we will start going to our childbirth classes. And also in March we will get our tour of the labor and delivery area. Really this pregnancy seems to have flown by. It seems like every week we have to go to an appointment. Of course it is getting harder and harder to get comfortable to fall asleep. Just because the baby likes to move around like crazy at night.

Well, it has already been a year since I started my blog. It is fun to look back and see all that I have been through in just a year.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pictures From MN ~ Part 2

Here are the pictures from my Tea Party Baby Shower that my mom and grandma had for me. This is my other baby Shadow. I am a little over 27 weeks in this picture.
My grandma was all dressed in her tea dress.
My dad was the dishwasher
My aunt darla
My Auntie Tammy and Sam
My sister-in-law Joni with KT and me
My mother-in-law Linda
My mom and us
soon to be auntie
auntie becky and beth

Handmade from Kathy
"watermelon smuggler" Cyndy gave me this cute shirt
Linda's friend Bonnie made this blanket for us

the food!

Pam Manko and me
Cyndy and Steph

The diaper cake was made by cyndy....cyndy sure is creative!
The tea room
These were used to tie back the chair covers. They said "It's A Boy"

The shower was so fun and cute. All the food was so good. You wouldn't think all those little foods would fill you up, but they do. My mom and grandma sure thought of everything to make it just perfect. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it and for all the nice gifts.

Everything here has been just fine. The weather has been in the 30's. No snow so that has been nice. Actually our roses are starting to bud.