Tuesday, February 27, 2007

They Let Me Out

I finally got out of the hospital after being in for a week with kidney failure. I will write more later once I am feeling 100%. I am still pretty tried and weak but just wanted everyone to know I am doing ok and the baby is great. It is really nice to be home, I don't think I could have spent one more night in the hospital. David is going to take a couple more days off so he can stay with me, so don't worry about me getting taken care of while I am home. I really don't know what I would have done with out him this past week.

Will try and write really soon.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentines Day

Yesterday David and I went to my neurologist appointment. Everything seems to be going good. He does want me to inform a neurologist when I do go into labor so they can be present just incase something should go wrong. I am not delivering at the same hospital I have been seeing my regular neurologist and high risk doctor at, which seems really goofy to David and me since they both know my history well. So when I see my prenatal doctor this Tuesday we are going to see if I can deliver at that hospital. It is about 15 minutes farther away then the one hospital I am suppose to deliver at but I am sure David can make that up by speeding there.

After my appointment David and I went out to eat and did some shopping. We still are looking for a dresser for the baby's room but no luck. Otherwise we didn't do to much yesterday, it was nice not have to cook dinner. For Valentine's Day David and I bought each other a really nice painting for the living room that we have been wanting for a long time.

This morning I was having some slight pains in my stomach, not to sure what was going on. But I just sat down for awhile and drank some water and I am feeling better now. Just taking it really easy now.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lots Of Appointments

I had a WIC appointment yesterday. Basically just making sure my nutrition is going well during the pregnancy. Everything looks good from the blood work that I had done. My weight is also right on track. They want a 40 lbs weight gain and I am at 32 lbs. I can forsure see the weight gain in my face, ankles and butt.

Tomorrow I have another doctors appointment and 2 more next week. Then we are already into March the week after that. As of today only 58 more days until he arrives! So much to do, so little time. It would be a lot easier if I could get more things done during the week, but with no car it is pretty tough. So we have to get all of our shopping done during the weekend.

Moving around is getting tougher because it is harder to breathe and the baby is kicking me in the ribs a lot. Also, I am having the worst heart burn ever.

Otherwise, that is about it here.

Friday, February 09, 2007

9 Weeks...


I can't believe how fast the time is going by. I still remember when I was only 9 weeks along. Now pretty much each week until my due date I have some sort of doctors appointment. And we still have to finish getting the baby's room ready. We have baby clothes all over the floor. I just want everything perfect for when he finally arrives. So the time should go by pretty fast. Before we know it he will be here.

I am feeling really good latley. Getting sleep is a little tough because the baby moves a lot at night so I am always waking up and having to use the bathroom. Also, trying to get comfortable is tough. At the moment I am sleeping with 5 pillows, which seems to help a bit.

It has been raining here the last couple of days but finally today it has cleared up.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Just wanted to let everyone know that "Flags of our Fathers" is now out on DVD. Then you can see how ugly Iceland is. Of course we already got our copy the day it came out.

David took this week off because he needed a little break so we haven't been doing to much. He really was hoping to get his new bike but it still hasn't shown up. He is pretty disappointed about that.

We did go to Ikea hoping to find a dresser that would work in the baby's room but no luck. Both of us can't wait until we are living back in the states so we can have all the options in the world on where to shop. Of course you are thinking why don't you just look on the internet? But a lot of places don't ship to an APO address or if they do ship to us, they will not ship larger items over seas. But only 2 more years of this.

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Crib Is Up

Yesterday we bought the baby's crib at the military furniture store because it was going to be such a mess to order it from the states...basically impossible. At first I wasn't too happy about the two crib selection we had to choose from but we needed a crib so we had to go with what they had. But once we got it home and set up, I think it looks really nice.

David also put together the baby swing and high chair.

It is so weird walking past the baby's room now having the crib in there. Before it was just an empty room, now it is full of baby stuff. The room is almost put together now. All we need is the dresser, rug and something on the wall. I will keep putting pictures up as we add more stuff to the room.

Thanks mom and dad for the crib!

Also, for all of you who have given up on David's blog he finally wrote in his blog yesterday.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Pregnancy Emotions

Really nothing new and exciting to share. This week was spent at home basically just cleaning and looking at all the baby stuff as it arrived here. David has been waiting for his new bike to arrive in the mail so each time we got another baby box he got a little bummed it wasn't his bike. I really hope it arrives for him today so he can use it tomorrow when he goes biking. But I have enjoyed showing David everything.

Yesterday I hit 30 weeks in my pregnancy. I can't believe it. David said he isn't nervous at all for the baby to arrive. And all I can think about is how soon the baby will be here. I have baby stuff running through my head 24 hours a day. I think it is all the baby books and magizines I read. I am sure they help but, I think they are making it worse for me now as I get closer to my due date. Today I taped a piece of paper to the door of things not to forget to bring to the hospital just incase we are in some big rush. I know I still have 10 weeks or so to go, but it helps me to write some of these things down or my mind will just go (more) crazy. I don't want to forget my military ID or who knows what would happen. Would they let me on to the base if I was in labor or would they make some big deal about it. Also, I don't want to forget my glasses. They say they don't want you to wear your contacts if you are getting an epidural and I don't want anything standing in my way of getting that. Ofcourse the camera, my bag, baby's bag and car seat.

I must say my emotions are pretty crazy right now. I have no idea why I am crying or acting like I am. Poor David, he definitly has put up with a lot lately.

We are finally considering buying a second car. It has just gotten to hard with all my doctors appointments and David having to leave work all the time and ofcourse with the baby on the way. We are looking at something cheap that gets really good gas mileage and that will be easy to sell once we leave here. We are only entitled to ship one car back to the states.

We probably wont watch the Super Bowl considering they are airing it around midnight. That is pretty much the only show they ever air live here. But they will re-play it on Monday, so maybe we will catch some of it then if we haven't already heard who won.