Friday, February 02, 2007

Pregnancy Emotions

Really nothing new and exciting to share. This week was spent at home basically just cleaning and looking at all the baby stuff as it arrived here. David has been waiting for his new bike to arrive in the mail so each time we got another baby box he got a little bummed it wasn't his bike. I really hope it arrives for him today so he can use it tomorrow when he goes biking. But I have enjoyed showing David everything.

Yesterday I hit 30 weeks in my pregnancy. I can't believe it. David said he isn't nervous at all for the baby to arrive. And all I can think about is how soon the baby will be here. I have baby stuff running through my head 24 hours a day. I think it is all the baby books and magizines I read. I am sure they help but, I think they are making it worse for me now as I get closer to my due date. Today I taped a piece of paper to the door of things not to forget to bring to the hospital just incase we are in some big rush. I know I still have 10 weeks or so to go, but it helps me to write some of these things down or my mind will just go (more) crazy. I don't want to forget my military ID or who knows what would happen. Would they let me on to the base if I was in labor or would they make some big deal about it. Also, I don't want to forget my glasses. They say they don't want you to wear your contacts if you are getting an epidural and I don't want anything standing in my way of getting that. Ofcourse the camera, my bag, baby's bag and car seat.

I must say my emotions are pretty crazy right now. I have no idea why I am crying or acting like I am. Poor David, he definitly has put up with a lot lately.

We are finally considering buying a second car. It has just gotten to hard with all my doctors appointments and David having to leave work all the time and ofcourse with the baby on the way. We are looking at something cheap that gets really good gas mileage and that will be easy to sell once we leave here. We are only entitled to ship one car back to the states.

We probably wont watch the Super Bowl considering they are airing it around midnight. That is pretty much the only show they ever air live here. But they will re-play it on Monday, so maybe we will catch some of it then if we haven't already heard who won.


Anonymous Sarah Kite said...

Sara and David~

I've been catching up over the past few months, and would like to say a big "congratulations" on your impending arrival. I'm absolutley thrilled to pieces for you.

Don't worry too much about your emotions, Sara, believe me, they'll get worse before they get better, and every tear will be worth it when you're holding that little boy in your arms. And you go right ahead and make lists and read books. Fill your head with everything you need to calm your fears.

Congrats, again, and may many blessings come your way!

12:51 PM  

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