Thursday, January 25, 2007

Back In Germany

Well I made it back to Germany yesterday morning. It was very hard to leave this time, maybe it was the hormones kicking in extra. I pretty much had tears in my eyes all the way to Dallas. I shouldn't be to sad because I know my parents will be here in April. My flight was a little late getting in to Frankfurt and they did leave my bags in Dallas, which I figured would happen because when I arrived in Dallas I had to run to catch my flight to here. They informed me on the plane that my bags hadn't made it so atleast I didn't have to stand and watch all the bags go around for 45 minutes until I realized mine weren't there. David was there waiting for me, but in a different area then where I had landed so it was a good thing that I had to claim my bags or we both would have been waiting for eachother for awhile. The airport said my bags should arrive sometime this afternoon, so we will see.

I took a 5 hour nap once I got home and pretty much slept all through the night. I feel pretty good now. I really wanted to start up some laundry and do some small things around the house, but we will see if that actually happens. David kept the house really clean while I was gone and cleaned out the storage room. I was very impressed.

My visit home was very nice. I had two really nice showers. My friends Sheila and Brandi gave me one the first weekend I was home. And then my Mom and Grandma gave me a tea party shower. At both I got some really nice baby stuff. I can't wait until it all arrives here in Germany. Thank god for my mom who helped me pack it all up. It will be so fun to be able to show David everything we got.

It was so nice to see everyone while I was home. Even though I think this was the longest visit I have been home for it still seems like it went by so fast. Still hard to see everyone. Hopefully this weekend I will start to get some pictures up from my visit home. Sorry I wasn't able to post while I was home, for some reason it wouldn't let me from my parents house.

Thanks for a nice time I will be home with a baby!


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