Monday, December 11, 2006


We arrived in Garmisch yesterday around 4. It took about 5 hours to get here but the ride was really nice. A lot of beautiful landscapping. As we got closer to Garmisch and the mountains we started to see snow. There isn't a ton of snow here but enough to cover the ground.

This resort is just beautiful and there is tons to do here like tours, restaurants, pool, hot tub, spa, gym and many places to just relax. They have the fireplace going at night with rocking chairs around the fire...very cozy. We didn't bring our swimsuits because I can't sit in the hot tub anyways and David wasn't to sure about his schedule. To bad David has to work while we are here or I know we would be having an extra good time. Yesterday, evening David didn't have to start working yet but there was a dinner for all who were attending the conference. The dinner was mostly finger foods but everything was really good.

David thought he would be super busy while we were here but so far his work schedule seems to be ok. At least we get to spend time together. While David was working this morning I went and got a maternity massage. It was nice but not great. I think it was the lady who was giving me the massage, I just got a weird vibe from her so I could never really relax. And plus I couldn't understand one thing she said. But don't get me wrong I am not complaining about my massage, anyone who rubs my back for an hour while I am pregnant gets 5 stars in my book!

Who knows what we will do now that David is pretty much done for the day. They do have a horse and carriage ride every night I would love to go on. It would be nice to see parts of this cute town. We are taking pictures so I hope to get them up soon.


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