Tuesday, November 28, 2006

January Visit

Nothing new has happened here in the last couple of days. My most exciting activity has been seeing how many fruit flies I can catch in my bowl of vinegar. Exciting I know. They get pretty bad at times because of all the fruit trees we have in our neighborhood.

Otherwise I have been trying to plan the date and length of my visit in January. I am getting very excited to come home and see everyone. This visit may be a little harder to see everyone because I can't drive during my pregnancy. But I am sure everything will work out and plus I get to see everyone at least once at my baby showers.

I have been scrapbooking a little. It is nice to be doing that again.

We should have done more yard work this weekend because the weather was so nice. It was in the 70's one day.

8 more days until my ultra sound! I think David is more excited then I am to find out what we are having.


Anonymous Katie said...

Hi Sara. I finally figured out how to go onto your blog! I am at school now and I thought I would say Hi! I know you want a bra for Christmas but what else do you want? What does David want? Let me know! I am so excited for you to come home and visit, I'll be off of school until January 16 so we'll hopfully be able to spend more time together! Love and miss you! your sister Katie

6:34 PM  

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