Thursday, November 16, 2006


I did go to my 16-20 week appointment yesterday. I must say by the time we got home I was confused, frustrated and crying. My new doctor I saw yesterday was great and very informative. I had switched to him after not really feeling comfortable with the doctor I was assigned to. Basically we found out that I have been seeing the wrong doctors from the beginning and I should have always been seen by a specialist. With having seizures I run a higher risk of having a seizure while pregnant, which could lead to hurting the baby or myself. And the specialist would do everything to make sure the baby is ok since I was still on my seizure meds when I got pregnant and for the 1st month or so. So far everything seems fine. The babies heart beat is great and I am gaining the right amount of weight. The doctor even let David find the babies heart beat at the appointment. He really thought that was neat and I was glad he got to get involved during my appointment. I have gained 12 lbs since becoming pregnant. I was shocked at first but found out I am right on track with my weight. David and I were both frustrated and confused that no one lead us in the right direction. You would think my last doctor would have informed us more and been more concerned about me having seizures, mostly because we are first time parents and really don't know what is all involved in being pregnant. I guess I was upset because I was wondering why we were basically left in the dark and ofcourse I was worried about our baby. We did get an appointment for December 6th with a OBGYN specialist. At that appointment I will finally get an ultrasound. My doctor said it will be a level 3 ultra sound to see the baby better and see how the baby is developing. Well for now we feel like we are on the right track with this pregnancy. I will keep updated on my pregnancy and appointments. And December 6th I will let you know if we are having a Girl or a Boy!!


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