Friday, October 27, 2006

16 Weeks and 1 Day

Yesterday I hit 16 weeks in my pregnancy. We are hoping in November we will find out if we are having a Girl or Boy. I am hoping for a girl and David wants a boy. But we both agree we will feel blessed with either as long as the baby is healthy. I want to be able to do all the those fun mother daughter things like shopping, playing with dolls and dress-up. And ofcourse there is dance and girl scouts. David wants to be able to do all those guy things like snowmobiling, 4-wheeling, mountain biking and sports. But he said he would do these things with a girl too.

So far my pregnancy seems to be going by pretty fast but I know once April begins to get closer it will seem like this pregnancy is never ending. I have been getting a little nervous about becoming a parent. Just thoughts about how will I know when to feed the baby, what if the baby gets sick, will I be a good mom, and how will I keep her/him safe? I am sure I'm not the first mom to feel these concerns but, I guess that is what my doctors are for. And of course I have you all to talk to.

I promise to take some pictures of my belly this weekend and get them up by Monday. I don't seem to be much bigger. David says you can tell I am pregnant but I just think I look like I have gained some weight or ate a huge meal.

This weekend we have no plans but to relax. Last weekend we were pretty busy while my grandma was here. We should work in the yard a bit. I guess we will see if that happens.

Miss you all...XOXO


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