Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pictures From Grandma's Visit

Here are a few pictures from when my grandma was here. Between David and her they took around 140 pictures. I just picked out a few that I really liked. On Sunday we went on a cruise on the Rhine River. The boat ride was about 2 hours long to the last stop where we were able to get off and walk around the town and visit a castle. During the cruise we were able to see around a dozen castles along the river.
This is rows and rows of vines. They go straight down the hill.
Here we are waiting to get on the boat. Our neighbors came with us too.

Here is Grandma with a bear outside a store.
This is the castle we stopped at on the Rhine.

Grandma walking up some steep stairs at the castle.
This castle we visited on Saturday, it is the Hardenburg Castle. It is pretty close to our house.
Me gazing at the top of the castle.
You had to walk up a big hill to get to the Hardenburg Castle.
Here we were visiting the largest wine barrel in the world. There is a restuarant inside the barrel.
On her last night here we went to a greek restuarant in our town. Before dinner Grandma went to mass by herself.
Here is David and me on the boat. We were tired after a long day touring around.
The castles were just beautiful on the river. They say a women sat on the top of this hill and sang to the boaters. Her voice was so beautiful that boaters would get distracted and crash into the hill.

This is the largest free hanging clock.

At the bathrooms at the castle you had to pump your own water. It was a real interesting looking bathroom.

This is a flee market we stopped at. Grandma bought some lace placemants.
Us on the boat eating a snack before we got off.

This is the boat we road on.

David and me at the wine barrel.

On Friday night we went to a restuarant in our town. Our neighbors Sean, Sylvia and there son Ethan came with us to help us with the menu.
Me at my house.

Grandma bought two bottles of wine from this stand outside.


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