Friday, October 13, 2006

She Made It

Just wanted to let everyone know that my Grandma made it here safely with no problems. David was there when she got in. She said that she wasn't able to sleep on the plane. She did take a little nap yesterday and now this morning she is still sleeping...going on about 14 hours!

I made dinner for us all yesterday and then we went on a walk around our town. My Grandma did buy some wine on our walk. David and her got to taste them last night when we got back.

Today we have plans to go to dinner with our neighbors. Should be fun. This weekend we don't have to much planned yet. Hopefully, the weather will stay nice.

Well, my doctors appointments got all messed up. I called to confirm my appointment with my High Risk doctor and they have no records of my appointment. I did leave 2 messages for the doctor but, I still haven't heard back. So who knows if I will be seen on Monday. But I still have an appointment with my neuroligist on Monday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you are having fun with your Grandma in Germany. I can't believe she just up and went out to see you, but that is just like her. Stay well!

Love, Donch

11:31 PM  

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