Monday, October 09, 2006

Grandma's Visiting!

David and I woke up this morning and we had a message from Grandma. In the message she said she will be here on Thursday! We couldn't believe it but, we are so excited for her visit. David wont be able to get any time off while she is here, so Grandma and I will have to find things to do during the week in my area since I can't drive. It is a good time for her to visit because they have wine festivals going on.

David had Friday and Monday off this weekend. Sunday we tried to go find a castle but, no luck. But it was a nice day so it was nice to get out and the drive is always pretty because of all the vineyards.

Friday, I got a little faintish while we were shopping. I am not sure why, I had just eaten. We were just walking around the grocery store and I just got so hot and things got really blurry. I sat down right away in the middle of the freezer section and it just passed. I do have 2 doctors appointments on the 16th. So hopefully they will be able to tell me why I keep feeling dizzy.


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