Monday, September 11, 2006

Our Weekend

This weekend went by pretty fast. Saturday, David went mountain biking all day with 2 friends at a huge mountain bike park. He was excited to be able to ride his new bike. On Sunday we pretty much spent the day cleaning. Well, David did more cleaning then I did. I get out of breathe so fast lately and since I am off my seizure meds I have to be extra careful. David has been great in making sure I don't over work myself. Our house is starting to come together a little more each day. We only have a few more boxes to go through.

I found out this weekend that my one neighbor, who is German but, speaks English, is also having a baby in April on the 15th. So that was neat to find out.

Our landlord brought me over a beautiful plant for my birthday. David and I can't believe how nice they are to us.

David is sick today. He has a really bad cold.


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