Friday, August 04, 2006

Boxes Everywhere

We got all of stuff delivered yesterday, so now it just looks like boxes exploded everywhere. We started to unpack last night, but just got part of the living room together. It took them about 3 hours to unpack all of our stuff because there was only 2 guys. Not sure what they were thinking when they just sent 2 people. Thank goodness David was here and he was able to help them unpack our crates. Otherwise they probably would still be here.

Well, my new laundry machine isn't the greatest. Not kidding, it takes 2+ hours to do one load of laundry and then another 2 hours to dry our clothes. It takes you all day to get your laundry done. I guess it so slow because it is like an energy saver, but wouldn't you think having your laundry machine running for only 20 minutes is a lot better then 2 hours.

We still don't have our plane tickets for home, but we should be arriving on the 10th still. That is coming up pretty quick. David and I are really excited to be coming home for awhile.