Sunday, July 30, 2006

Nothing New

Nothing really exciting has happened over the past few days, but I thought I should quick post something anyways because it has been awhile.

We still don't have a confirmed date on when we will be coming home, but it still looks like we should be flying in on the 10th. David said he should know forsure on Tuesday.

This week will be pretty busy for us. On Tuesday we finally get our laundry machine if everything goes right. It is a lot of work bringing your stuff to a laundry mat every week. Wednesday David has to bring the Jeep in because it got recalled. He is able to bring it somewhere on base to get fixed because we bought our Jeep from a military car sales place. They just had to order the part. There was 2 other Jeeps that had the same problem. And Thursday we get all of our stuff delivered. So Friday - Sunday will be spent unpacking so we can have it all done before we go home. Our last move we just spent one weekend unpacking and it was all done. It may be a little harder here with the lack of storage, but David always seems to make it work. Its like a puzzle to him.

David went skateboarding this morning. He has been wanting to go for awhile now.

I am just watering the!