Monday, July 17, 2006

We Got A 763 Number

We order Vonage the other day, so now we have a phone number with a 763 area code. How cool is that? I am not exactly sure how it works, but I know it goes through our computer some how. We will get some sort of hook up that will connect to our computer and phone, and when people call it will ring on our regular phone. Since we got a 763 phone number it wont be long distance for you all to call us. But give us about a week before everything is hooked up and running, they have to mail us the hook up. Also, remember we are 7 hours ahead of you. I will email you our new phone number today so you have it.

Yesterday we drove to Ramstein to do some shopping. They have some more places to shop at on there base, so it was fun to see what they have. There is tons of bases here in Germany. Oh, and we got to eat at Chilis...I know doesn't sound exciting to someone who lives in the states, but to us, someone who has lived in Turkey then Iceland, having a restuarant like Chilis only 45 minutes away is like Heaven.

Still no TV, hoping Tuesday...but we will see. Started reading a 600+ page book, I guess that is what no TV does to you. Maybe it is a good thing.

All the flowers in my garden are starting to bloom. They look so pretty. I do a lot of work out there during the week and David does work during the weekend. He really likes taking care of the lawn.

We are hopefully planning on coming home August 10th - September 1st, but it all depends on what flights we can get. But we should be home for about 23 days.

Can't wait for August...Miss you all!


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