Friday, June 23, 2006

Loving Germany

We have been super busy since we have gotten to Germany. This base is so huge we have had to find where everything is. It has been really nice to have had our car right away, I don't know how people get all there inprocessing done on this huge base with out a car.

We are still living in the hotel. And we are hoping to be in our house the 29th of June, but we will know for sure on Monday. Our landlord is putting a kitchen in for us since there wasn't one in the house. Most Germans take there kitchen with them when they move. So we got lucky that she said she would put on in for us. Hopefully they put a complete kitchen in, because right now it is completely cabinets, counters, sink, fridge...nothing. We also have to get a washer and dryer. But the military will loan you some appliances because we wouldn't want to buy anything because everything is 22o volt and wouldn't work in the states.

David started to learn some German. He bought some software from the PX. Hopefully, I will start to learn it this coming week. It seems a lot easier then Turkish or Icelandic.