Monday, June 05, 2006

Last Week

Just got into work and I am pretty excited because it is my last week of work. Hopefully it will go by fast and smoothly. I actually had to get up pretty earlly this morning because I had to go with David to this briefing. It was pretty boring and pretty pointless. We were both hoping we could get more done there, but ended up getting a lot done after the briefing, like picking up all of our medical records and even a little stop for shopping.

We finally heard that my medical clearance was approved this morning, which is good news and one less worry.

It has been raining here all morning and it was cloudy pretty much all weekend. I am guessing it has been in the high 40's...I know JohnPaul....Nothing compaired to your light wind, blue skies, no clouds, 85 degree....Perfect Day!


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