Friday, June 02, 2006


David finally got his orders yesterday, but I still haven't been medically cleared. They just put some sort of note on his orders saying it was ok for me to travel with him to Germany. They figured I would get medically cleared for Germany because if I got cleared for here and Turkey they were sure there would be no problem for me to get cleared for Germany. And why hold up David's orders for this small thing.

We got our pack out date this morning and it isn't until July 2nd or 3rd...I can't remember. Anyways, it isn't until a couple weeks until after we have already left. That is a bummer! We were really hoping they would pull some strings and get us packed out before we left. So this morning David had to get Power of Attorney for our friends so they will be able to be there while the movers pack us out.

We are going to try and have most of our stuff already packed up so the movers can be in and out and so our friends don't have to worry about much because they are also going to be packed out at the same time as us. Once you have a pack out date you can go pick up boxes from the moving company so that is what David did this afternoon. This was David's last day at work today so all next week he is going to start packing up our stuff while I am at work.


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