Friday, May 26, 2006

Girls Night

Last night I went out with a few of my girlfriends to dinner. My friend Lee set it up because she wanted us to have one last girls night since we will all be leaving in the next few weeks. We went to Kaffi Duus, it is a pretty popular restuarant in Keflavik for people on base to go to. They even have there menu written in Icelandic and English. There was just 5 of us who went...Misty, Lee, Erica, Jessica and Me. My food was really good, I got the chicken pasta. And everyone elses food looked really good too.

Today David is going to hike up to some waterfall with Blue and Bailey. They all have the day off today.

I found out from some customer that my store will be closing on June 3rd. I had no idea. But my boss has been out for so long I haven't seen her to be able to get all the details. So I suppose my last week of work I will be packing up the store.


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